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How to Create a Website

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Nowadays having a website an effective way to share thoughts, promote your business or simply publish your photos online. Whether it will be a personal blog, a forum or a family gallery creating a website has never been easier before! We at SiteGround have been working a lot to provide you with Tutorials, Templates, Knowledge Base Articles, Single-click Installers and much more! All this has made the creation and management of a website easy as a pie! Start now your website with SiteGround!

  • You can create and manage your website using some of the free Open Source tools that are available.
  • You do not need to know anything about web development to start a new website.
  • All you need to do is open a hosting account where you can have a content management application installed and activated. Here at SiteGround we offer FREE installation of all quality web applications that you can use to create your website! You can start creating your site right away.

Have a Gallery, Blog or other Website Created in minutes!

  • Have a gallery on your website

    Share your photos and videos on your website and make them easily accessible by people from all over the world!

  • Have a blog on your website

    Create a personal blog on your website to share your ideas and find new friends from all over the world!

  • Have a forum on your website

    Create a forum on your website to give and get help and exchange information with various people!

  • Sell products on your website

    Stay at home, spend time with your family, be your own boss and .... make money through your website!

  • Have a community website

    Use your website to help your community and popularize its activities and achievements in front of the world!

  • Have a family website

    If your have relatives who live far away, make them feel part of the family through your website!

  • Have a hobby website

    If you are really passionate about something, tell people about it and attract new fans for your hobby.

  • Have a portfolio website

    Exhibit your work on your website! Make your portfolio accessible on the net and attract sponsors and fans.

  • Have a personal email

    Having a personal email on your web space is important for people who do business!

  • Store files on your web space

    Use our website to quickly upload, download, and share audio, video, graphics, pictures, and other big files!