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ReactJS Tutorial

React is front end library developed by Facebook. It's used for handling view layer for web and mobile apps. ReactJS allows us to create reusable UI components. It is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and it has strong foundation and large community behind it.


This tutorial will help JavaScript developers that are diving in the ReactJS world for the first time. We will try to introduce every concept by showing simple code examples that can be easily understood. After finishing all the chapters, you will feel confident working with react. As a bonus we will introduce additional elements that work nice with ReactJS to help you learn best practices and follow the modern JavaScript trends.


If you want to work with ReactJS, you need to have solid knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Even though ReactJS doesn't use HTML, the JSX is similar so your HTML knowledge will be very helpful. We will explain this more in one of the next chapters. We will also use EcmaScript 2015 syntax so any knowledge in this area can be helpful.