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Cloud Hosting Tutorial

Cloud hosting services are the hottest trend in the hosting market. Cloud hosting has many advantages over the shared hosting services and sometimes performs better than dedicated hosting solutions. There are different cloud computing technologies and cloud hosting providers offer different cloud service platforms. In this tutorial, we have tried to brief the information on cloud hosting into several articles and to offer you clear examples when cloud hosting would be the best solution for your needs. Enjoy your reading!

Cloud Hosting Tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Cloud Computing Learn about the Cloud computing technology and which are the main benefits of the cloud? History of cloud technology
  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure Cloud computing solutions vary depending on the provider. Here we tried, however, to outline a few similarities in the cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud vs. Grid Computing Comparison between Cloud and Grid computing. Cloud computing tries to enhance the concept of Grid computing and avoid the single point of failure when one unit fails
  • Cloud vs. Utility Computing Comparison between Cloud and Utility computing. Utility computing is very often connected to Cloud computing as it is one of the options for its accounting.
  • Cloud Servers Cloud servers run as software-independent units. This means that a cloud server has all the software it requires to run and does not depend on any centrally-installed software.
  • Cloud Hosting Definition What is cloud hosting? Cloud hosting benefits. Which cloud hosting services to choose?
  • Cloud Hosting Application Cloud Hosting is suitable for all kinds of web applications. Here we have outlined the when the cloud hosting solution is most preferred.

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