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ASP.NET Web Pages - Классы

ASP.NET Классы Ссылка

Method Description
AsBool(), AsBool(true|false) Converts a string value to a Boolean value (true/false). Returns false or the specified value if the string does not represent true/false.
AsDateTime(), AsDateTime( value ) Converts a string value to date/time. Returns DateTime. MinValue or the specified value if the string does not represent a date/time.
AsDecimal(), AsDecimal( value ) Converts a string value to a decimal value. Returns 0.0 or the specified value if the string does not represent a decimal value.
AsFloat(), AsFloat( value ) Converts a string value to a float. Returns 0.0 or the specified value if the string does not represent a decimal value.
AsInt(), AsInt( value ) Converts a string value to an integer. Returns 0 or the specified value if the string does not represent an integer.
Href( path [, param1 [, param2]] )Creates a browser-compatible URL from a local file path, with optional additional path parts.
Html.Raw( value )Renders value as HTML markup instead of rendering it as HTML-encoded output.
IsBool(), IsDateTime(), IsDecimal(), IsFloat(), IsInt()Returns true if the value can be converted from a string to the specified type.
IsEmpty()Returns true if the object or variable has no value.
IsPostReturns true if the request is a POST. (Initial requests are usually a GET.)
LayoutSpecifies the path of a layout page to apply to this page.
PageData[ key ], PageData[ index ], PageContains data shared between the page, layout pages, and partial pages in the current request. You can use the dynamic Page property to access the same data, as in the following example:
RenderBody()(Layout pages) Renders the content of a content page that is not in any named sections.
RenderPage( path , values )
RenderPage( path[, param1 [, param2]] )
Renders a content page using the specified path and optional extra data. You can get the values of the extra parameters from PageData by position (example 1) or key (example 2).
RenderSection( sectionName [, required = true|false ] )(Layout pages) Renders a content section that has a name. Set required to false to make a section optional.
Request.Cookies[ key ] Gets or sets the value of an HTTP cookie.
Request.Files[ key ] Gets the files that were uploaded in the current request.
Request.Form[ key ] Gets data that was posted in a form (as strings). Request[ key ] checks both the Request.Form and the Request.QueryString collections.
Request.QueryString[ key ] Gets data that was specified in the URL query string. Request[ key ] checks both the Request.Form and the Request.QueryString collections.
Request.Unvalidated( key )
Request.Unvalidated().QueryString|Form|Cookies|Headers[ key ]
Selectively disables request validation for a form element, query-string value, cookie, or header value. Request validation is enabled by default and prevents users from posting markup or other potentially dangerous content.
Response.AddHeader( name , value )Adds an HTTP server header to the response.
Response.OutputCache( seconds [, sliding] [, varyByParams] )Caches the page output for a specified time. Optionally set sliding to reset the timeout on each page access and varyByParams to cache different versions of the page for each different query string in the page request.
Response.Redirect( path ) Redirects the browser request to a new location.
Response.SetStatus( httpStatusCode ) Sets the HTTP status code sent to the browser.
Response.WriteBinary( data [, mimetype] )Writes the contents of data to the response with an optional MIME type.
Response.WriteFile( file ) Writes the contents of a file to the response.
@section( sectionName ) { content }(Layout pages) Defines a content section that has a name.
Server.HtmlDecode( htmlText ) Decodes a string that is HTML encoded.
Server.HtmlEncode( text ) Encodes a string for rendering in HTML markup.
Server.MapPath( virtualPath ) Returns the server physical path for the specified virtual path.
Server.UrlDecode( urlText ) Decodes text from a URL.
Server.UrlEncode( text ) Encodes text to put in a URL.
Session[ key ]Gets or sets a value that exists until the user closes the browser.
ToString()Displays a string representation of the object's value.
UrlData[ index ]Gets additional data from the URL (for example, /MyPage/ExtraData ).